2 Simple Chocolate Cake Recipes You Can Make At Home

I love cakes and those that make cakes for me know my love for the chocolate flavour. I have friends that make cakes and I have a sister that does that too, so, it’s a kind of blessing. Don’t get me wrong I don’t eat cake everyday and I don’t crave it, but I do eat it when I feel like.

I make orders for chocolate cakes at times like these and keep inside refrigerator. Don’t copy me if you don’t exercise because you would only increase your chance of adding weight. I recently discussed with some of those that make cakes for me and they agreed to share some simple chocolate cake recipes but they haven’t. I learnt some myself and I am posting them for those that might be interested.

Simple Chocolate Cake Recipe

There are so many recipes for chocolate cakes that turn out fine and delicious, but when I talk about simple chocolate cake recipes, I am referring to those that meet the following criteria that has been set by me:

  • Contain chocolate
  • Small in size (you can actually make into any size)
  • Have ingredients that are easy to get around
  • Will be ready in about an hour
  • Delicious

Hence, the reason for just 3 to be discussed in this article. This post has taught me that different people have different ways of making their foods. Therefore, if you have a good, delicious simple recipe for chocolate cakes, share with us and we will credit you for it.

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