5 Foods People In The 40+ Ages Should Be Eating More

In one of my recent articles, I took time to pen down why people who are 40 years and above should avoid the consumption of certain foods so that they can live a healthier life in the future. While this is ideal to spread around to families and friends, it remains incomplete if I do not disseminate information about foods that people in their 40s should consider consuming regularly.

The need for proper nutrition will help individuals within this age bracket look and feel their best. The consumption of a healthy diet definitely increases ones life expectancy by reducing the risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity among other diseases.

The importance of proper weight control is also critical for 40 years old and above since most diseases are associated with weight gain. It is also of note to consume these foods that will be highlighted below moderately and at recommended daily intake.

1. Fortified Skimmed Milk:

On the day of your 40th birthday, you are probably feeling as young as ever but the truth is things within your system are beginning to take a new shape and you must respond appropriately. Most people as young adults indulge in whole milk which are loaded with fats and these people continue unknowingly over the age of 40. It is impossible to exclude fat from any healthy diet combination but you must begin to reduce them from hidden sources.

Consume skimmed milk (Milk that fat had been removed from) as a way of reducing your daily fat intake.  I indicated “fortified” because during removal of fats, some essential nutrients must have been lost; so there is need for those nutrients to included via fortification.

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