6 Foods Surprisingly High In Sugar (Bet You Don’t Know)

I recently got a series of emails from some readers on this blog who seem to be interested in losing weight. When I read a few of their situation, I figured out that a few of them apart from their habit of consuming fatty and high calorie foods, might also be indulging excessively in foods that contains sugar and they do not know. One thing that dieticians and nutritionist in America have agreed upon is that Americans consume a lot of sugars.

While America seems to have been labelled with this due to the fact that they have proper documentation, other countries are not left out. In fact some other countries are high consumer of sugar without them knowing due to lack of information and documentation. Obesity is taking the rise in our nation and asides planning healthy diet, we must expose foods that appear not to contain sugars but are indeed loaded with a lot of them in order to ensure that people choose to consume them sparingly.

The list below contains some of the foods:

1. TOMATO KETCHUP: It is quite common for people to indulge in consuming tomato ketchup while believing they had exclude sugar from their diets. Most of the common tomato ketchups during processing had been added some form sugars that can be said to be high enough when regularly consumed for those under a low sugar diet. Tomato paste is best when it is made completely at home.

tomato ketchup

There you can determine whatever ingredients you need to include that soothe your health.

2. YOGURT: Yogurt has generally been seen as a healthy dairy option as it contains healthy bacteria that help digestion. Yes it is. However, most commonly sold yogurt especially the fruity types are loaded with sugars to sweeten it. It will be advisable to opt for plain yoghurt which contains naturally occurring sugars.


Yoghurt contains all the benefits you will derive from milk, most of lactose has been converted to lactic acid by enzyme. This will enable people who are not tolerant to it benefit from the nutrients in ‘milk’.

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