Beware! Killer Adulterated Palm Oil Is Sold In Markets

Palm oil is a major vegetable oil that is used in many soups and meals especially in West African countries. In fact, I doubt if there is any home in Nigeria that does not include palm oil in any of their daily meals. This clearly shows the importance of the oil in the diets of an average Nigerian.

palm oil

With the sudden rise in cases of cancer, organ damages and heart diseases with no specific cause, it has become very important for Nigerians to pay particular attention on the quality of palm oil to be used in their diets considering the current trend. It has now come to our notice that many unscrupulous elements, in their quest to make more money, have colluded with producers and marketers of this oil to add some inedible substances or chemicals that could make palm oil appear like the unadulterated one.

I recently read an article that described the arrowing experience of a group of friends who ate leafy vegetable popularly called Efo riro by the Yorubas prepared with palm oil and all of them purged seriously until they were admitted to the hospital. The friends were quick to say it was the vegetable but a further test carried out indicated a trace of some certain chemicals. These chemicals are those used in the production of adulterated palm oil.

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