Do Eggs Truly Help Men Perform Better In S£x?

A few days ago, I was listening to the evening news in one of the major TV stations here in Nigeria and deep into the news, the reporter who visited an egg production poultry farm was advising listeners, particularly men to eat eggs for better s£x performance among other nutritional benefits. Shortly after I heard this, I wondered if this was just another myth or a fact? Could there be a scientific connection between the eggs you consume and how well you perform in bed? In this write up, shall establish or debunk the claim.

Eggs boiled

I have always jokingly communicated to some of my female friends who are married, that men love good foods and s£x. One of the effective way to improve the s£x performance of their husband, if they must, is to change the constituent of his diet. That is quite an unusual advice but you never can tell. Putting that in mind, is egg one of such food items that could unleash a better s£x? Maybe, maybe not.

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