European Union Bans Importation Of Nigerians Foods

The European Union (EU) has banned some Nigerian foods from being exported into Europe, PunchNG reports. The food items banned from Europe till June 2016 are beans, sesame seeds, melon seeds, dried fish and meat, peanut chips and palm oil. This is a setback for a nation that desperately needs to expand its export basket to boost domestic agricultural activities and create jobs.

dried fish and meat

Why Did The European Union Suspend These Food Exports From Nigeria?

The first answer someone gave to is that, “they hate us and don’t want us to prosper. They look for every opportunity to make us look bad.” I don’t know about this but what I know for sure is that they need these agricultural products for their own food too and would not want it to stop coming to them.

What is now the problem? Why did they ban these agricultural foods?

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