Food And Snoring: Foods You Eat, That Make You Snore!

Can food contribute to snoring? Yes, there are some categories of food that contribute to snoring while you sleep. This is not to say only foods contribute to snoring; there are many factors which make people snore when they sleep. Some people even start snoring less than a minute into their sleep and you cannot but wonder why this is so.

It is very important to note that snoring could also be an indicator of how healthy your lifestyle is.  For example, obesity and smoking have been shown to directly contribute to the problem of snoring. It is an established fact that smoking is not healthy, so is obesity.

foods that cause snoring


Foods That Make One Fat Can Lead To Obesity & Snoring

We all know what contribute to obesity. Usually accumulation of excessive fat in your body tissues — at least if they are stored under the skin (more information here). In the past, we have talked about some foods that could contribute to getting fat.

This is one very obvious factor because as you might have noticed before, people that are overweight or obese usually tend to snore when they sleep.

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Like I have said before, don’t just read this and start saying it’s food that causes snoring. Sometimes, people that are neither overweight nor obese snore too. I’ve been accused of snoring too, especially on days I retired into bed very tired.

As we have always said in many of our articles, each individual is UNIQUE. What works for me, might not work for you and what causes my own snoring might not be what causes it for you. Articles like this are to point you in the directions to look.

So, what other food factors contribute to snoring…See Page 2…

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