Foods That Cause Underarm (Armpit) Sweating

There are foods that cause or aggravate underarm or armpit sweating. I grew up not having any issue like this and I was even so used to warm environments. While my siblings and every other person would complain of heat and sweat profusely, I would be comfortable with our any sweats. This however, changed about a year ago and it was very strange.

This was strange — not because I started sweating — but because I started producing only underarm sweats. Even while drive or work in the office with the air conditioners on, I still sweat in the armpit and sometimes, the whole underarm part.

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This was not only troubling for me but also embarrassing. Sometimes, I already had the sweat marks on my shirt even before getting to the office. It made me very uncomfortable and to avoid some situations like giving presentations where I it required raising my arms.

Finding Solutions To Underarm Sweating

Immediately this I noticed this issue, I went to the supermarket to buy an anti-perspirant. I would not like to start mentioning brand names but I moved from one anti-perspirant to the other with no results. At a point, I stopped and started using dusting powder — there was still no result.

I thought for it long and I thought food might contribute to underarm sweating. I needed facts, so I went online to do some searching. I saw a lot of information on foods that cause sweating in the armpit and listed them. I experimented with these foods by systematically substituting them from my diet and I finally came up with a list.

The list contains the foods that cause underarm sweating for me when I eat them consistently.

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