How Many Times Should You Reuse Frying Oil?

Anyone that has read our article on dangers of reusing frying oil over and over again would have asked themselves these questions — how many times should frying oil be reused? Should one just throw out frying oil after the first time of using it? I must tell you there is no specific answer to this. Don’t believe anyone that gives you a specific number.

This article will show you how to know when you should no longer use your frying oil. At that point, there are signs that you would see that makes it evident. Of course, this is for those considering the oil qualities as it affects the quality of their products.

frying oils and foods

For those considering the development of more and more trans fats, well, it is a more complex question to answer. This is because trans fats can develop in frying oils as a result of many factors. You can read more on trans fats in this article to get an idea.

So, How Many Times Should You Reuse Frying Oil?

Like I said, there is no specific number of times. However, there are signs you need to look our for in your oil the next time you want to use them. These sign will tell you if it is still okay to use or if the oil has reached its limits. Also, there are measures you too should put in place to preserve the quality of the oil and retard deterioration.

What You Should Do To The Oil After Frying

If you intend to use your oil again, you should clean your oil after frying. Allow the oil to cool and remove any food crumbs that may be left in the food. They can undergo some degradation in the oil and cause spoilage. Use a sieve to scream them out and get your used oil in a plastic container with lid.

You may want to label it to indicate the food you used it to fry. This will help you the next time you want to use it. You don’t want to use the oil you used to fry meat the last time for chin-chin. The meat flavor will definitely be transferred to the chin-chin.

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