How To Check Egg Freshness Before Buying Or Cracking

There are several ways of knowing if egg is good after you have cracked it for frying or other purposes. The colour of egg white and the yolk, the smell and other factors can be determined the level of freshness or how bad an egg has gone.

Never attempt to consume egg that had changed colour or smells — you don’t want to witness the consequences, let alone experience if first hand. That said, what if you want to boil your egg? Is there or are there ways for checking the freshness of eggs before you boil them.

Eggs in crates

Sometimes, you go to the open market where eggs are stored at normal ambient temperature instead of refrigerator and you want to know if the eggs are still good before you spend your hard-earned money to buy them. You don’t want to buy them and get home to discover they have gone bad.

I am going to share with you, tips that I have used, and still use to know if eggs are still good before I buy them. They have always worked for me. Try them out and share your experiences with other readers of this article.

Tips for checking freshness of egg before cracking it open

Click through pages 2 to X to see all the tips! happy surfing…

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