How To Store Some Of Our Foods Without Refrigeration

Thanks to the new breathe of fresh air in the recent regular supply of few hours of power provided to major towns and cities in Nigeria which is seemingly better than what it had been about a decade ago. Asides these few weeks, Nigeria is notable for constant blackout or incessant power supply, so the need for house wives and our mothers to preserve their food stuffs lies in the use of other alternatives to prevent these items from deteriorating. 

How To Store Some Common Foods Without Refrigeration

In this short post, you will be learning how best to preserve some of our common food items without necessarily affecting the quality to an unacceptable level.

1. EGGS:

There has been a serious debate particularly between the Americans who believe eggs are to be refrigerated to prevent bacteria proliferation and the Britons who disagree and feels that eggs can be stored at room temperature long enough without leading to bacteria infestation.

As this argument continues, a research centre took time to subject these claims to a test and found out that after a period, both storage forms of eggs were free from bacteria and safe to consume. In view of this, it is clear that you can keep your eggs at room temperature on the shelves of your kitchen particularly the Nigerian types that had been vaccinated against salmonella and other bacteria.

My simple advice is that without refrigeration, do not buy eggs you do not plan to consume within two weeks. Although, eggs stored at room temperature have been found to store longer than two weeks.

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