How Your Phones, Money Could Be Leading To Food Poisoning

Aside air, two other  things that seem to be so important in the lives of many are phones and cash. In fact no one can do without money but phone has actually made itself so important in out lives too.

When we discuss food poisonings, we tend to lay more emphasis on sources that are easily trackable but obviously neglecting other sources that are hunting us day by day and sending many to the hospital when the situation gets worse especially in children and vulnerable aged.

Our phones particularly get in with us anywhere we go to. From churches, mosques, hotel rooms to bathroom or toilets and other places where contamination is quite easy. Remember the number of times your mobile devices dropped on the floor, even in the toilet and other insalubrious environment and all you did was to wipe with a handkerchief. I can confidently say that our phones are dangerously loaded with and carrier of life threatening bacteria. Although I have not carried out any microbiological analysis on any of these devices to ascertain this claim.

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Research has shown that many more people in the past five years are more connected with their  phones and mobile gadgets more than they are to their spouses. We do not give our mobile devices a breathing space even while we eat and cook our so called African foods like eba, fufu, and other solids using our hands. While many are cautious of washing their hands cleans before rolling the solids, many of them are completely unaware of the danger they could cause themselves by touching their mobile devices with any of your hands during cooking or meal times. It is best not to use your phone while doing any of these activities.

Recently, I visited a top notch restaurant. As the woman was about picking a spoon to be used by one of the customers, she pick up cash to give another customer her change. What surprises me was when she took the spoon not at the handle to place on the customers tray. Such customer could eventually eat the meal and end up with diarrhea. Many of our monies are kept in the bra by market women and others. The thought of our dirty notes is quite disheartening. Touching our notes during cooking, food serving and eating can be a cause to many of the cases of food poisonings seen of recent.

I hope we will all avoid touching cash notes and using our phone devices during any cooking activities and meal times.

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