Some Interesting & Creative Cake Ideas You’d Like To Share

Below are some very nice and creative cakes that I believe only creative minds can come up with. Forget about the idea conceptualization and let’s talk about the execution of these ideas; these are wonderfully made cakes. I have shown it to some people that make cakes, and even though they said they could make those cakes too, they still said “Wow”.

It’s not like I did extensive research before I came up with these photos, so I know there would be some more awesome cakes out there. I only stumbled upon these cake photos and I was like, “wow, nice and creative”. So, I decided to share it with you guys to know what you think.

Cake 1: Ajase Cooking Pot

Anyone that has been involved in one party or the other would know what this “Abase Pot” is. They are commonly used to cook food meant to be served in parties. This cake could be for someone who does that kind of catering on their birthday or to celebrate the anniversary of a catering business.

Cake 1: Ajase Cooking Pot

Photo Credit: Not Known

What do you think?


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