Is It Safe or Dangerous To Microwave Foods In Plastic? See Answers!

In the last one year, I have seen microwave ovens in almost every kitchen I entered. Many students even have microwaves in their apartments in schools. These tell us that microwave ovens are more common than ever in many every part of the world.

There have been many questions regarding the safety of microwaved foods itself. Many people are still skeptical when it comes to microwaved foods — they feel since the process involves radiation instead of fire to heat food, it is probably not safe. We have discussed that in this article. You can still access it here.

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Doing a quick Google search for the “safety of microwaved foods” will bring up several articles telling you that microwaved food is not safe. Part of the things that make some microwaved foods unsafe is the container in which we microwave the foods. Some containers are not safe for microwaving foods because they leave some dangerous and toxic materials in the food after completing the heating in your microwave oven.

Microwaving Food in Plastic: Dangerous or not?

Many people microwave foods in plastics more than any other material. We often by foods from eateries in plastic packs to microwave and eat at home. Is this safe or dangerous? Find out!

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