Is Ofada Rice More Nutritious Than Parboiled, Polished Rice?

Which is more Nutritious? Is it ofada rice or the common imported, parboiled, polished rice? The saying that “Rice feeds the world” after all might not be an overstatement as virtually all homes in the world would have some quantity of rice. It is a major staple across all races in different continents. Loved by children, embrace by the old, rice remains a food that cannot be deleted in the diet of many particularly Africans and Asians.

ofada rice

In this light, it is important for people to consume rice types that will help improve their nutrition rather than those with no or low nutritional benefits. With this in mind, one local rice called Ofada rice is one of those varieties that can deliver maximum benefits to consumers of rice.

Ofada Rice VS The Common Imported Parboiled & Polished Rice

It is a short, robust and brown rice planted mostly in Ogun State and some other states in western Nigeria. The Ofada rice delicacy is very popular in the South-west region of Nigeria, but those who eat it, are certainly unaware of the numerous health benefits of the rice. When it comes to rice quality, looks can be really deceiving as those attractive looking white rice do not stand a chance in comparing their nutritional status with Ofada rice.

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