Learn How To Make Delicious Moi Moi From Corn

Moi moi made from beans is clearly more popular than those made from other food items. I am certain that only a few people are aware that Moi moi can be made from corn. Well, if you are just hearing this for the very first time, then you are on your way to learning a very simple step by step method that will help you add variety to you daily meal plan.

Corn Moi moi or corn cake is also known as Nni Oka, Igbankwu Oka and Ekoki, amongst other names. The meal is usually used to entertain guests particularly during traditional ceremonies.

corn moimoi

Ingredients For Corn Moi Moi

  • 10 pieces Fresh corn still on its cobs.
  • 2 big sizes of Onions and Scotch bunnet pepper (Ata rodo) to taste.
  • Two handfuls of Crayfish, 2 big sizes of smoked fish and a tin of fresh prawn.
  • Water and 4-5 cooking spoon of Palm oil (Until the mixture turns yellow). Usually corn absorbs more palm oil than beans.
  • Cube seasoning and Salt to tast Usually 1 -3 cubes of seasoning will be fine.

Method Of Preparation

  • Peel of the husk and hair-like strands. Then remove the corn seeds from the cobs and get them washed properly.
  • Pour the corn seeds into a powerful blender, add small amount of water; to ease the movement of the blender’s blade. Add pepper, chopped onions and the cooked or steamed fresh prawns
  • Blend until completely smooth.
  • Pour into a big bowl.
  • Add palm oil, pieces of de-boned smoked fish, crayfish, cube seasoning and water to dilute the solution slightly just like you would do to to the regular Moi moi. Then stir properly. You could also add other food items to make the cake rich.
  • Portion into small containers or folded leaves or heat-resistant nylon and place each of them into a pot half filled with boiling water on a cooker. Do not forget to seal the each of the containers.
  • Cook for between 45 minutes to 1 hour. By that time, the solution should have solidified and ready.
  • Place on tray and allow cooling.

Your corn cake or corn Moi moi is ready to be served. Enjoy it!

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