Learn How To Make Soy Milk At Home

In this past few years of my experience as a practicing Nutritionist, I have been opportune to meet a few patients that are lactose intolerant. Those that are lactose intolerant do not have the ability to digest the sugar lactose found in milk and some milk products thereby leading to bloating (accumulation of gas in the stomach), diarrhea and other symptoms. This is usually due to lack of lactase enzyme produced in the small intestine. As they avoid this important food, they tend to lose a lot of nutritional benefits. In view of this there is need for them to consume milk substitutes that do not trigger any intolerance but supply good nutrients to the body. A typical example is Soy milk, a plant based source of milk that does not contain lactose and so cannot lead to intolerances.

Method To Make Your Own Soy Milk

Soy milk is quite available in many grocery store but most of the processed soy milk have higher amounts of food additives that could trigger some health conditions. It is essential and cost effective to learn how to make this milk substitute at home.

Soy Milk

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