Learn The Quick Way To Make Chapman At Home

It is always satisfying to know even to well wishers that the drinks served on your birthday or cocktail party was actually made by you. Apart from being cost effective, it gives you the opportunity to be adventurous and come up with something special that your invitees will find refreshing. Such is the case of making and serving chapman on your ceremony.

Chapman can be simply described as an easy cocktail drink which can be alcoholic or non alcoholic with a lot of fruits flavour. In fact, presently in Nigeria, it is gradually taking over other drinks as many people can not stop ordering for the fruity drink especially if made the Nigerian way.  One other good thing about this drink is that majority of the ingredients or constituents can be gotten in any nearby supermart store. Follow this article carefully and you are on your way to entertain your guest with chapman

How To Make Chapman (Drink) By Yourself

Ingredients and Utensils

  • A bottle of Fanta and a  bottle of Sprite.
  • Angostura Bitters and Grenadine syrup.
  • Orange (2 or 3)and Lime (lime is optional).
  • 1 big sized Cucumber or 2 small ones.
  • A big jug and 4 glass cups.
  • Some ice cubes

chapman ingredients

Note: This is a recipe for four (4) and in order for you to have a smooth ride in its preparation, some certain processes must have been carried out prior to kick starting.

1) Usually, there are ice cube trays in your refrigerator. Fill them up with water as much as you can and keep in the freezer to make your ice cubes.

2) Keep both the Fanta and Sprite in the refrigerator. Remember, chapman must be served chilled.

3) Dice your cucumber into pieces, keeping them in circular form, semi circular or triangular forms as you would love it. Do same to one of the oranges and keep the other ones to be squeezed into the drink. You do not need to peel the oranges.

Now Let Us Make The Chapman

1) Pour a cup of grenadine syrup into the jug ( About 20-25cl)

2) Add both bottles of Sprite and Fanta soft drink.

3) Add some dashes of Angostura bitters equivalent to about 3 table spoons and stir. I have also heard of people using Alomo bitters instead of Angostura bitters. Although, I have never tried using it. Remember, do not indulge children in Angostura bitters added chapman. Black currant can be used instead to make the non alcoholic type of chapman but it would not produce the real chapman taste

4) Cut the other oranges into halves and squeeze into the mixture.

5) Portion out the mixture into the four glass cups to about 2/3 full in order to give room for the next added ingredients.

6) Add the diced oranges and cucumber into the different cups.

7) On the last note, add some cubes of ice to each of the cups to further make it go chilled. Your chapman is ready to be served.

chapman drink

Seven straight steps to making your chapman. So simple. Please remember, the consumption of chapman should not be excessive because it is usually loaded with high amount of sugar considering the ingredients of making it.

Do not forget to share your comments once you have tried out this recipe or your own method of making chapman.

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