OnionEgg Recipe: See How To Make This Nutritious Food

Hello friends, I have been postponing to share this article for about three weeks now because I felt it was too simple a recipe until I shared the idea with another food enthusiast who actually loved it completely. She went ahead to try it and she called to say it tastes great. In fact she had introduced it to her mum who is diabetic. In her words: “Guy, how you take think am, although very simple but it is great and healthy. I love it bro”. It was then I realized that the food recipe I stumbled upon as a result of my curiosity in trying new things is worth sharing with the public.

Many of you are used to frying eggs and adding few slices of onions but in this meal, onions would the food to fry while adding egg and any other ingredient that you love to have in a meal like this.

onion eggs recipe

What Is Onion Egg or Onionegg?

Onionegg is a type of food that majorly consists of onions and egg. I guess you are saying; “what exactly is special about it? Whenever I fry my eggs, I add slices of onion”. Yes, you are absolutely correct but the method of preparation is slightly different. Before I share with you the method, I will like to briefly share the health benefits associated with this meal.

What Onions Do To Your Body

  • Onion helps to control glucose level which is quite important for diabetes patients
  • It is loaded with numerous anti-oxidants that fight off cancer causing agents.
  • It also contains significant amount of vitamin C that helps to improve the immune system
  • The bulbous plant also helps in proper digestion and prevents against stomach ulcer.

What Eggs Do To Your Body

  • It contains high amount of protein which is important for repair of tissues in our body.
  • It also contain a substantial amount of Omega 3 fatty acid which helps in proper brain function and weight management. It was included in this post that listed foods that help you get sharper memory.

In this article, I am not writing on the health benefit of onions and eggs else, I would have highlighted many benefits. You can check related posts on this blog. Let’s move on to the making of Onionegg.

How To Make Onionegg (Recipe)


  • A large size onion bulb or two smaller sizes.
  • One egg
  • Salt(put to taste)
  • Pepper( optional)
  • Cray fish( optional)


  • Peel your onions and wash them
  • Cut them into five or six pieces and grate them or blend them till you get a pasty form. A blender is better.
  • Add your egg to the blended or grated onions and whisk properly. The blended onions have to be at least twice the quantity of added egg.
  • Add other ingredients like salt, crayfish and pepper; then whisk properly until smooth.
  • Place frying pan on cooker and add small amount of any healthy oil that you have. I used coconut oil.
  • At frying point, add your mixture and fry the way you would prefer. Onionegg is ready.

You would realize that the simple difference is the large size of onion used. The main food here is onions. This recipe is for one serving. You can give it a try particularly if you are a lover of onions like me, you will be glad you did.

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Remember this is healthy and do not forget to share.

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