Reasons You Shouldn’t Chop Your Vegetables In The Market

In this era when the consumption of pastry foods and junks is on the rise, one or two servings of vegetables/week which remains the only source of vitamins and mineral for many has been made to lose most of its nutritional values, if not all. No wonder the immune system of many Nigerians continue to fail them at the slightest invasion of bacteria infections resulting to illnesses. 

chop vegetables

Aside from the fact that such single or double servings of vegetable/week is low, many house wives and cooks have only provided good looking vegetables soups to their families as against a more nutritious one. For me, I have come to realize that it is much more important to consume a less delicious food which is well loaded with nutrients than to funnel into my system a delicious meal with no or low nutrients. It is what actually prompted this article on how to maximize the nutrients in your vegetables.

Sliced or chopped leafy vegetable from market presents an avenue for a near complete loss of nutrients even before preparation. As everyone would rinse or wash the chopped leaves once they are ready to cook, the broken cell wall of the leaves give way for loss of nutrients since the vegetable will be drained from the added water.

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