Scientists Found A Way To Cook Rice To Reduce Calories In It

Research has shown that a cup of the cooked rice has in it roughly 200 calories, most of which comes in the form of starch, which turns into sugar, and often thereafter body fat. Also, a study at the Harvard School of Public Health showed that cooked white rice contributes to the development of type II Diabetes. So now that we know this, are we going to cut down on eating rice? Are we going to stop eating rice totally? I don’t think this is possible.

white rice and stew

Rice is a staple food eaten all over the world because it is relatively cheap, easy to cook and can be cooked in several forms. Rice can be cooked white and eaten with soups/stews, cooked as jollof, fried and coconut rice. In Africa and parts of the Carribean, rice is mixed with beans to make it more delicious and nutritious but just like many carbohydrate foods, eating much of them as we eat rice can lead to intake of a large amount of calories.


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