Seeds Of Fruits You Can Eat & Add To Your Diet

Many seeds are loaded with numerous nutritional benefits but this fact is unknown to a lot of people particularly those in this part of the world. Not too long ago, I took a trip to some parts of Europe and I was completely awed by their eating habits and the type of meals they consume. Seeds of different foods were occasionally included into their diets to raise both micro-nutrient and protein intake.

Watermelon Seeds

In some types of fruits, the seeds which are usually discarded are more nutritious than the whole flesh. In this short article, I have compiled three major fruits which are commonly consumed here in Nigeria and the benefit of consuming their seeds.


Thirst quenching fruit; almost everyone in Nigeria loves this anti- oxidant loaded fruit. While consumption is quite common, virtually everyone discards the seeds. Aside eating the pulp the fruit, the seed can also be eaten in raw, dried or roasted form.

The seeds are high in protein, B vitamins and fats. The fat content is high both in saturated and unsaturated fats. In some countries, the seeds are collected, dried or roasted and consumed as snacks which supplies low calorie and can be consumed by those managing their weight.

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