Why Shawarma Is One Of The Most Nutritious Snacks And Yet Shouldn’t Indulge In It

The sales of Shawarma has taken over most of the streets within Lagos, Abuja, Port Hacourt and some other state capitals within Nigeria. At first the consumption of Shawarma was commonly observed among the elites but at the moment, you can easily find Shawarma sales outlets very close to you even in places you least expect. Guess what? They can be deliciously made any where. What determines how tasty it is are the ingredients and the culinary skills of the chef. The major types of Shawarma are the beef and chicken.


Photo: kaylachanai.com

Nigerians love snacking and while we were in the hunt for a major snack that we can enjoy any day and any time, the ones we see on daily basis like meat pie, scotch egg, sausage and others do not seem to appeal to us again. Immediately the Shawarma snack was introduce to us, particularly those of us who fall slightly above the low income earners, the acceptance could not but grow exponentially because it is the exact form of snack Nigerians have been craving for.

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