The Differences Between Organic Foods And Natural Foods

There is growing misconception even among food professionals who assume organics foods and natural foods mean the same thing. I have sometimes read in some articles using the terminologies interchangeably but clearly there are distinct differences between both.

organic foods

For the singular reason of educating readers and teeming consumers, it remains expedient to explain what the two categories of foods are. Many researchers have taken time to find out if the nutrients in both categories of foods defer but the argument is unending. Let’s check out some of the differences

Some Differences Between Organic Foods And Natural Foods


For any food to carry the label organic foods, the food products must have met the strict government standard laid down by The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USD). These standards regulate how such foods products are grown, handled and processed. Once these products carry the USDA seal, then customers can be rest assure that the foods are produced or processed in the organic method. For natural foods, there is no need for certification of any kind. There are no special stores for them unlike the organic products.

Pesticide usage:

Natural food growers tend to use synthetic pesticides to protect their crops from molds and insects infestations. The used pesticide can leave residue on the farm produce. For organic foods, the seed used in planting are those that are resistant to diseases from fungi. In fact, the growers use predator insects to control damaging pest.

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