Top Four (4) Foods With High Hidden Amount Of Sodium

There is no better time to discuss about the excessive consumption of salt in our societies than now. Many Nutritionist and other health professionals have been campaigning against high sodium content in our foods but yet, quite a high number of people are still embracing this ugly unhealthy habit leaving them at the edge of developing disease conditions ranging from high blood pressure and stroke to osteoporosis.

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On the other hand some people already know it’s best to stay clear of high-salt foods like spring rolls ad french fries, however, it is also critical for you to pay more attention on less obvious foods that are loaded with sodium.


Most Nigerians already consume more than the recommended daily intake of 2300mg per day based on added salt in our diets. So, you will be doing yourself grave harm by indulging in foods or snacks with high hidden amount of sodium. Let’s see some of the foods that made top of our list.


Canned meat is usually seen as product with high sodium with serious attention not directed to canned veggies. Eating vegetable is definitely a healthy option but may manufacturers of canned vegetable have added higher amount of salt to help extend the shelf life of the product. The bottom line is to subscribe to eating fresh vegetable instead of canned ones.

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