Top Three Foods That Damage Your Teeth

More and more people are becoming aware of the need to pay attention on the health status of their teeth. While many only few think brushing their teeth twice daily is the only care they need to do, others like me feel there is need to observe what you eat with your mouth in order to avoid gum damages and discolouration of teeth as it is commonly seen. Foods are essential for the proper development of our body and otherwise. If you indulge in certain unhealthy meals, your dental status could be negatively affected. Find below three Foods to avoid as they cause damage to your teeth.

3 Groups of Foods That Cause Damage To Your Teeth

tooth erosion

Chewing Gums, Drinking Soft Drinks And Energy Drinks

Chewing gums are quite dangerous for your teeth. As you chew, they stick in between your teeth and cause damage. You should remember than some of these hard chewing candies are not easily dissolved by water. Also, soft drinks and energy drinks cause similar damage as they are loaded with sugars that corrode the teeth. Many parents also indulge their children in these foods as they are unaware of the damage it will do to the dental status of their children in future.

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Acidic Foods

If you love to take lemonade as a home-made therapy to whiten your teeth, then you must have a rethink. It could eventually discolour them. It is quite acidic and corrodes the enamel. This also applies to fruit like apple that is high in acid. You have to be careful with how you consume these acidic fruits. You could wash or rinse your mouth with clean water after getting a bite of these fruits

Bread, Pasta And Potato

Carbohydrates are necessary in our daily diet and so, it is completely impossible to avoid them. But these listed carbs have been found to cause damage to the teeth. These carbs are sticky in nature and sometimes loaded with sugar especially if they are processed which make them lead to tooth decay and other dental issues. It is advisable to check the food labels to know the quantity of added sugars in them and if you must consume them try to rinse your mouth with water after.

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