If You Have Ever Eaten Any Of These Foods, You Are Old!

Here is a compilation of some foods. If you have eaten or seen any of the foods live before, you are probably around 28 years of age and that means you are already getting old. You don’t believe me? Try applying for the Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service Commission Course (DSSC).

1. Planta Margarine:

Just like many Nigerians would call every toothpaste Close-Up and every noodles Indomie, I still know of an elderly person that calls every margarine Planta. It’s really very funny how brands come and go into extinction when you consider the fact they dominated the market so much in their time. Now we have Blue Ban by Unilever dominating the market.

Other brands of margarines you can find in the Nigerian market are include Costa margarine, Moore margarine, Star margarine, and Topper margarine.

Old Planta Margarine

If you have ever seen this Planta margarine in real life or you have even tasted it before, you should consider leaving your father’s house. You are NO LONGER A KID.

2. Oxford Cabin Family Biscuit

Biscuit has never been something I would consider eating even when I am hungry but I know I have seen this pack before. This box usually contains 100 pcs of biscuit or thereabout. In primary school, it was what my classmates would bring to class with some drinks that you would seen on the next pages of this article. They wrap them in twos or more in paper and share in the class.

I never took one to school, not because I did not like biscuit but because my birthday always fell on a public holiday. It may continue to be a public holiday anyway.

the old oxford cabin biscuit

It’s not just you – if you have you have eaten this before (just like me), you are already old. I hate to admit it too.

3. Krest Bitter Lemon – a soft drink

Krest bitter lemon is or was a carbonated soft drink flavoured with quinine and lemon. What did it taste like? Have you ever tasted Schweppes? If yes, then you know what Krest Bitter Lemon tasted like. I was even confusing it with the tonic water while putting this article together. What I am however sure of is that the signature bitter taste is produced by a combination of the quinine and the lemon pith used in manufacturing the drink.

The main difference between tonic water and bitter lemon is the addition of lemon juice and rind. If I got the comparison between the Krest bitter lemon and Schweppes wrong, then maybe I am not very old then.

krest bitter lemon

You are very sure of what each tasted like? How is your last born doing?

4. Bongo Tea

I can’t remember if Bongo was a Cocoa beverage or Tea but I can remember it as a cocoa drink. Please correct me if I am wrong our older folks.

[Update] Orugert from the comment section said; Bongo is definitely not a chocolate beverage it’s a form of tea without the teabag, I think it’s more of tea leaves, you cut the satchet [sic], pour into a teapot and boil, and when pouring the tea you have to be careful so as not to pour it with dregs.

To tell you how long this product had gone into extinction, I could not find a picture for it. It was the best in its days with a very pleasant aroma and superb taste. This tea was popular in Nigeria and even beyond the shores of the country. It just did not stand the test of time and competition.

If I had a wish now, it would be that a pack of Bongo appears on my table for me to take the picture. That would be like stumbling upon an antique. It’s gonna be really expensive at the auction because I would make a big picture of it into a frame. Why am I writing all these? I hope it’s not old age.

Older folks who knew what was actually happening the said that importation of Bongo was halted due to what the importers called excessive import duties by the Nigerian government.

5. Robot and Bubble Chewing Gum

I ate a lot of chewing growing up. It’s probably one the reasons I have very bad teeth. Robot chewing gum and one called “Sprint” or “Spirit” were my favourites back then. I knew footballers chew gum when they played so I started chewing gum whenever I played football too.

There is this one that always came with questions inside the wrap of the gum. They were very interesting because they came with answers too. Funny how I knew this many chewing gums from back in the days but don’t know a single one in the market today. If you ate any of these back then, you are probably dyeing your hair to black now. Just kidding.

robot and bubble chewing gum

By the way, if any one still sees these chewing gums (Robot, Sprint or Spirit, Jenka and Bubble) in the market, please let me know.

6. Okin Biscuit (Coaster and Shortcake)

There are so many biscuits that have gone into extinction really. I can name a hundred of them that were so popular then but are not around any more. Okay, that was an “over exaggeration” but I can name 10 for you if you ask me. There was this Fishly, Alata, Malt n Milk, Okin Coaster, Shortcake, Paco biscuit, Glucose, and so on.

Kids of these days don’t even take biscuits to school any more. There are so many replacements. Many even just take money to school and buy whatever they want.

There are still so many foods that I can remember but don’t want to add because I don’t have pictures for them. There was pronto, Dr. Pepper, Tandi, Gold spot, Treebor, etc.

okin biscuit

Whenever I stumble upon any of the relics, I promise to add them to this list and maybe one day, this would become a gigantic list of antiques.


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Ahmed Ogundimu
Ahmed is a Food Scientist/Technologist first of all. A Seasoned Blogger, Astute Marketer, Food Enthusiast and Manchester United Lover. I read anything and everything available so I know so many useful and useless things.


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  1. Bongo is definitely not a chocolate beverage it’s a form of tea without the teabag, I think it’s more of tea leaves, you cut the satchet, pour into a teapot and boil, and when pouring the tea you have to be careful so as not to pour it with dregs

    1. Thank you for that update. I was in two minds when I included it in the list. I grew up where they call everything tea – even coffee and cocoa beverages. So, it’s hard for me now to recall if it was actually tea, coffee or cocoa beverage.

      Thank you!

  2. Thank you for the sweet memory your article brought. You gave me something nice to smile about( sweet days of innocence) I saw Jenka, especially robot chewing gum. Okin shortcake. We were too poor to afford planta ( but looking back at it now, it wasn’t poverty but my mum’s idea that ” butter kii se onje obo” She just didn’t like it and what she does not like, we don’t eat. But I remember seeing the advert and my mouth watering ( my mouth is watering now!). I remember begging for a bite from my friends. I remember that’s where the coinage, ” ajebutter” came from. I can go on and on. By the way am 40 yrs old . Thank you once again

    1. Chai! You try, you try. If I can lay my hands on the picture, I am adding it to the list. Thank you so much!

  3. Wow! Guy u really tried.i wonder where u got all dis stuffs from walai. Gone r d days oooo.i really love d okin short cake,sprint chew gum n planta so much. Well done Bro.

    1. Thank you so much. If you remember any other food that you think should make the list, please share it here.

  4. lol. I can actually remember just some of the things you mentioned, and they were mostly things I took in primary school like the biscuits and chewing gum… others, I’ve never heard of them…. lol…. nice one though.

  5. Okin pako biscuit, limca, etc…. I don old oooo.
    I can remember I go to hostel with the Family Biscuit back then

  6. Gone are the good old days. Interesting though, how I wish icould see d pic of coconut swt to add to d list.

  7. U really tried,I used to love that planta then. My mum puts it in the fridge and can’t wait to spread over my bread. sprint chewing gum dey their, lolipup, pako biscuit, there was somtin they call shukugbede then too( a cube like small bread) can’t 4get though am not old cos am just going to 30yrs but I was lucky to meet these things. The time of bata shoe and best text book was macmillian and 4 yoruba we use alawiye. Then wen a child leaves a class parents keeps the books 4 upcoming once to use but now the book d senior used can’t b used by d junior cos of the idea of changing evry session.

  8. I had all these as a kid. please add baba dudu, coconut candy, gongo, limca, gold spot etc. I enjoyed my childhood, so much funny memories.

  9. How could you forget Bazooka bubble gum. It was the bomb, all These others came when it was out of the market.

  10. Saw robert chewing gum in cross river orientation camp and I was like OMG, where did this come from. Also saw dr pepper drink with aunt wen she came from uk. Although I miss okin shortcake dat I can do anytin to av one again

  11. Bongo tea has the best taste & aroma of beyond any tea i have ever tasted. Believe me i’m a tea expert. I’m 42 years.

  12. as per d tea. there were 2 products from d same company. bongo coffee and kettle tea
    bongo coffee was coffee and kettle tea was tea leaves which u boil and sieve

  13. What of bazooka Joe chewing gum? Dats my favourite in those days. Anybody here dat chew dat should comment pls.

  14. There is still jenka gum i was given a pack last December by my uncle who work at Niger biscuit he said d products is been sold far into d north same as cabin biscuit too.

  15. whoa!! dis is really a throw back.. I ate some of those products especially the cabin & the chew gum..
    Interestin post..
    keep it up

    1. Yes, thank you but now that I think about it, it means we used to have very clean tap water back then because those women that sold them back then just get nylon, put water, tie the open end and refrigerate.

  16. Gone are those days. I can remember dos stuffs like okin round cake, afri-cola, Dr. Pepper, Eclairs, kito sander

  17. I can still remember tree top, trebbor, pronto powdered chocolate drink, carnation milk, smartis chocolate sweet and so on, what an awesome old yrs, i am happy 2 be part of those lovely yrs

  18. What about soft drinks like brahma guarana, tam tam, quix, dalaram, goldspot, etc. Though, Dalaram was from maiduguri

  19. Chaaoo! Gone ar d days! Pls Weneva u see bubble gum and Cabin biscuit around Lagos or Osun state, pls let me know! It’s what I always used on my birthday wen I was in Primary school! Unlike u, sir Ahmed Ogundimu, dat his birthday’s always on public holiday, mine’s aways on first or second week of School Resumption! LMAO…

  20. U tried but why nt adding things like condensed milk,coast saddeinein,club beer,A1 gesha,caroline rice,many more it seem yesteryear is enjoy now when you find it hard to take a meal per day.

  21. Wow….sweet old memories, do u guys remember take time biscuits (clock shaped biscuits, telling different times) and also goodygoody(I especially miss dat one)

  22. Bongo is coffee o. Read d advert as it used to be then; sorry to the none Yoruba speakers:
    Bingo coffee to Pete, to si lagbara
    Latowuro SULE, ara a maya gaga
    Bongo coffee a muse ya, coffee Bongo to n Mara jipepe

  23. Bros, u try well well, but from the look of things, u still belong to the younger generation. Point of correction, that chewing gum is SPRINT. Something like St. Louis cube sugar, Stainless toilet soap, APC tablet with elephant as its logo, Nku cream, Dan Fulani pomade, Lotus cream, bros, e plenty but to mention a few. U do well.

  24. Wow I love dis admi he make me remember my kid days,can u imagene how much I eat bubble gum,we using use it as a song self, it goes like dis,bubble gum,bubble gum how many bubble gum did u have

  25. Wow! Wow! Wow! You made me remember the good old kiddy days. You also made me laugh and still smiling.
    Thanks for the reminder. I am actually getting old. Lol!!!

  26. You’ve not talked about Temitope biscuit, bazooka chewing gum, Green Sann Shandy, Pamalat, Bottled liquid maggi, etc.

  27. Wooo remember my secondary school days in my hostel if u dnt use any of dis gum and cabin biscuit no one will be ur friend.

  28. Good works, its Quite refreshing seeing these names and pix again in likes of Maria biscuit,Nasco welfas,…..I can’t remenber more, lol, Good old days,

  29. Sisipelebe and coin candy with tasty time…hehe okin biscuit and sprint chewing gum one one naira or 50k den

  30. Wow!!! I Really miss those old fun days,sometimes I wonder how those things disappeared.Things like,Olympic biscuit,coconut biscuit,speedy(aka nshi aboki lol),chichi sweet(my headmaster and used to share that chichi sweet and cabin biscuit to us every Friday.They were the owner of the school and the thing became like a tradition so we always look forward to it,you can’t aff to miss school that day.lol)Drinks like fanta chapman,bitter,tonic water,locomalt,lemon,goldspot,limca.Bubble gum chewing gum,jenka,sprint,eclairs sweet,carnation milk,asorted biscuit that has different kinds of animal shapes.The ice water,tomapepper(a popular tomato then mixed with pepper that comes in a yellow tin) etc.I really enjoyed my childhood days,it was really fun growing up then.But I don’t think am old ooooo lolzzzz

  31. Not too far out but I love e some speedy too with elekute… and dat candy one broom stick made out of sugar in shape of a cone. My my.. they are all coming back to me. Thanks man!!!

  32. OMG! Living was hard back then, I and my 4 siblinqs take 5kobo to school and that’s not each, I didn’t get to eat or drink most of this thinqs then cause of money issue but really, I really appreciate this post of yours, nice job bro, keep it up and mind you, I’m just 17years meaning not only the old get the good things lol……………..good old days sha…..

  33. Hmmm.Days of M&K,A-one biscuit,bombom sweet,peanut biscuit,bata sandals,goldspot,tales by moon light,speak out.The list is endless.Lol.

  34. Oh my God. I had a good laugh reminiscing about this. I can still remember the theme song for most of these products. Gold spot was the “zing thing” or something like that. Thank you for this.

  35. Bongo tea was actually a kind of coffee. One satchet can make one big pot of coloured tea/coffee drink. I miss those good old days. Do you remember tree top, fanta ginger ale,green sands shandy,pako biscuit, kokoro. I could go on and on

  36. Wow! I’m really having a good laugh here, those are coming back, kinda seeing them vividly, parle soda too was one of those drinks along side Krest and the rest. That chewing gum is sprint and not spirit, also some sweets called “epon mala” and balewa. And so on, a lot of it have already been mentioned, I so much love those days, when some of the children we play together then even though older will be me countless times so they could play with my plastic doll baby(not the type in town now o). Hmmm…. Aye nlo a n to ooo #a_yoruba_adage_says

  37. Woooooow!!! OMG! God bless u richly for bringing back these memories.chai! Hhhmmmmnnn how time flies, i remember just like yesterday!!! My mum had a provision store so Okin biscuit was in a big trouble. I Enjoyed it like crazy, I also was in love with Nico sweet, kopiko… Seriously I can’t even stop smiling right now. The world has truly ended and fun has finished too.

  38. children it’s breakfast time!!! mummy loves the planta taste, planta. …lolzz! can’t remember the other part of the song..
    why is goody-goody not here!

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