You Think Skimmed Milk Is Healthier Than Whole Milk? Read This

The publicity given to skim milk is really mind blowing as the product is gradually becoming viral. Some years ago, this purportedly healthy product was quite uncommon in this part of the world until the sudden marketing strategies that has brought it on our food shelves.

The question is; What is skim milk? According to wikipedia, skim milk is made when all the cream (also called milk fat) is removed from whole milk. Sometimes, only half the cream is removed, resulting in semi-skimmed milk instead. In other words skimmed milk is defatted whole milk.

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Is Skim Milk Healthier Than Whole Milk?

In this period when there is so much noise about deleting fat from the diets of many people, a milk product with no fat or a reduced amount of fat became quite attractive to a lot of people seeking a healthy lifestyle. In fact, many hospitals and clinics have been marketing outfits for this product.

Technically, skim milk should be a healthy product based on the definition given above but – have you ever questioned how the fats are removed and what other ingredients are added to make the product more stable? Have you also questioned what happens to the availability of fat-soluble vitamins in the whole milk?

In my little understanding of food science and technology, I do know that in processing, once a constituent is removed, usually another one must be added to help the product. In the case of skim milk production, once the fat is removed, the product becomes tasteless and the manufacturer adds some amount of sugar to make it a bit sweeter which makes the sugar level in skim milk more than that in whole milk.

Vitamins You Are Missing On With Skim Milk

Another reason I have been careful about including skim milk in the diets of my patients is that it deprives them of fat-soluble vitamins which had been lost due to the removal of fats from the whole milk. These essential vitamins are vitamin A, D, E, and K. You should note that calcium absorption is enhanced by the availability of Vitamin D, but the Vitamin D  is in the fat of the whole milk, so the removal of the cream makes the process of absorption of fats impossible.

According to Dr. Frank Lipman’s blog; he stated in one of his articles that because skim milk is a highly processed, “altered” food, it can leave you feeling unsatisfied and experiencing cravings for something more. Our bodies thrive on whole foods, the way they are found in nature. Eating a diet full of high-quality protein and healthy fats from whole foods can prevent the ups and downs and cravings that come from eating fat-free foods that are “missing something.

I do understand that the calorie value in skim milk is much lower than that in whole milk due to the loss of fat and this make it more attractive. However, in my own opinion, if you are supposed to reduce your calorie intake because of health reasons, it is better to choose whole milk with full nutrients while adhering to portion control than consume skim milk.

The fuss about a “NO FAT DIET” is a scam…….please, wake up. Fats should always be included in our diet but at a calculated amount.


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