6 Common Foods That Will Surely Make You Fat

I don’t even know why I am writing this post. Honestly! What I can tell you is that I received two requests from two different readers of this blog. One wants to know the foods that we eat everyday that can make one gain weight or fat so that she can avoid them. Ironically, the other person wants to know how she can get fat. Isn’t that funny? In this world where many girls just want to do what they see celebrities do on TV, why would anyone want to get fat? Girls just want to get slim.

I discussed this with a girl that explained to me that “not every girl wants to get thin”. She told me some girls just want to have the body of the Kim Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, Amber Roses, Sofia Vergaras of this world – not fat and not too thin. Then I reasoned with her and though of writing this article for the two people.

cereal and milkHere are Some Everyday Foods That Make Us Fat

Common could be a relative word here but I can tell you that most of the foods mentioned here are those that I see often. I also asked questions from few people and many of them considered many of these foods to be common. Here they are;

See them from page 1 to the last page… you will be surprised…


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Ahmed Ogundimu
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  1. I don’t get it. Are you condemning the girl that wants to get fat? Don’t be decieved, most men, like me, actually like robust ladies(not too fat anyway), that have d curves of Amber Rose. Skinny look might be trendy, but to me, its not an attractive look at all.

    1. The post did not condemn anyone. It simply said that just like there are people that want to get slim, there are those that want to get fat and there are those that just want to be in-between.

  2. I eat all these except for peanut butter yet am slim, still the same size after two kids. Though am good with my shape and size but just few pounds won’t hurt.

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