Could Foods During Xmas Be A Cause Of High Sugar Level?

For some people who are super health conscious, foods had always been the way to follow in terms of improving their health. However, it is these same foods that had led many people to serious ill health and sometimes untimely death. In view of this, it remains very critical for all and sundry to pay utmost attention to their food consumption as it can make or mar them.

Festive seasons are usually full of events and these numerous events comes handy with different food varieties which are to be funneled into the tummies of the invitees. In fact, it is during these kind of occasions that invited guests try out some very uncommon meals that are rarely prepared at the home fronts. In many cases, women are quick to consume bottles of non alcoholic drinks while most men prefer alcoholic beverages. One of such festive seasons is CHRISTMAS which is the most celebrated particularly here in Nigeria. During this period, assorted drinks, different shades of rice and cooked chickens fly around like they come at no cost. Trust my Nigerian friends, for some of them the quantity of foods that will be consumed within the few days of XMAS period should be enough to last them for a week or two.

XMAS foods

High blood sugar is fast becoming a serious health issue within our darling country. Young people always discard advice and recommendations provided to them even when it is absolutely given for free. Many people are on the brink of high blood sugar…yet they have no clue as they believe some of the information been propagated by Nutritionists and Dietitians do not hold waters.

According to a write up I read some years back, I was completely shocked to know that the sales made in the month of December by companies that manufacture and sell either alcoholic or non alcoholic beverage is a multiple of those sold in any of the previous months of the year, with the two to three days Christmas period raking in a substantial percentage. There is also some element of proof as I tried confirming from fruit seller who lament that there is reduce sales of fruits in the month of December as everyone seem to prefer the processed juices and drinks as against going fresh.

Food outlets, joints and other relaxations centres make the most sales during this period even as many of the foods consumed are either unhealthy or safe but when consumed in excess could trigger some blood sugar spike.

Friends, I think it is worth looking into; “How Feeding Habit During XMAS Period Could Raise One’s Blood Sugar Level”. A deep reasoning of this can form a good undergraduate or postgraduate project topic.

Please, lets us all consider how we eat and drink this Xmas period. This could just be your saving grace from developing High Blood Sugar or Diabetes.


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