Foods That Harm Your Singing Voice

There are food that can make a singer’s voice go bad. If you sing, these foods are bad for you because they harm your voice. Of course, you can still use your voice for talking and shouting, it may just not sound good while singing after some time of eating much of these foods. Some can add mucous to your throat while other can make your throat dry or contract.

This article will share with you some groups of foods that are not good for singers’ voices. Just like there are foods that make your voice bad for signing, there are others that help soothe and clear your voice. For example, honey/lemon/and hot water have been shown to be helpful if you have mucous in your throat. We will discuss all that in another article.

Foods That Harm Your Singing Voice

Foods You Should Avoid For Your Voice’s Sake If You Sing

Some foods dry up your throat and can make your voice break. Such foods include citrus fruits and alcohol. You should also reduce your intake of sodas and other fizzy drinks. They put lots and lots of air in your stomach.

We talked about foods that cause recurring catarrh in the past. We specifically mentioned foods that stimulate production of mucous to your throat and nose. You should watch your level of consumption of those foods. Example of such foods are milk, ice cream and other dairy products. You should stay clear of them, especially when you need to sing soon.

I believe everyone know this — Ice cold foods, water and any other thing at all. They make your throat constrict. Of course, every individual is unique. Therefore, we have different sensitivities and may need to watch which foods affect us in the ways stated above.

As a singer or aspiring singer, you have to take care of voice. That is the greatest instrument you have got. Not many people are blessed with a singing voice, if you have one, take care of it. The foods names above can have adverse effect on your vocal health. They may also cause undesirable damages to your singing voice and vocal cords.

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