Simple Way To Make Tomato Ketchup At Home

We have all eaten tomato ketchup at some points in our lives to eat foods like fries and chicken. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could make your own fresh tomato ketchup at home? You can make it the way you like it. If you like your ketchup spicy, you can add as much chilli as you want. If you like it more or less sour, you can control the quantity of vinegar in it. The possibilities are endless.

Some of the popular ones include Heinz and Maggi. Tomato ketchup is a sauce prepared using clean tomato in addition to ingredients such as sugar syrup, salt, vinegar, colour (optional), onions, garlic and other spices. Tomato ketchup usually contains about 12% tomato solids. Surprising right?

Make Tomato Ketchup At Home

How To Make Tomato Ketchup At Home [The Recipe]

Below are the materials (kitchen utensils and appliances) and ingredients that you need to prepare tomato ketchup at home.

Material Needed

  • Blender
  • Gas/Electric Cooker
  • Weighing Balance
  • Cooking  Pots
  • Muslin Cloth
  • Sieve
  • Stirrers

Ingredients For Making Tomato Ketchup (Recipe)

  • Tomato Juice (3.5 litres)
  • Salt (97.5 g)
  • Sugar (170 g)
  • Vinegar (27.22 g)
  • Chopped Onions (56.7 g)
  • Ground Cinnamon (3.36 g)
  • Chopped Garlic (2.20 g)
  • Penang Mace (tone) (0.50 g)
  • Ground Cloves (2.13 g)
  • Powdered paprika (0.50 g)
  • Chilli (25.06 g)
  • Ground White Pepper (25.06g)
  • Colour (4-5 drops)

Procedure for preparing the Tomato Ketchup

  • Sort your tomatoes such that you only have the good ones
  • Immerse tomatoes (whole) in hot water standing at 90ºC for 3-6 seconds. Spray with cold water.
  • Peel off tomato skin by pulling the skin back from the blossom end
  • Remove the seed cavity neatly with a knife
  • Pulp the tomatoes in a blender and strain (you only need 3.5 litres of it)
  • Heat the tomato pulp in an open pan for 1 hour at 90ºC
  • While boiling, add all spices and salt into the boiling puree. Add the sugar syrup.
  • Boil until you have the consistency you desire.

Allow the ketchup to cool. You can serve with the food of your choice and store the rest in your refrigerator.


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