Ofada Rice Dishes (Photos)

This is a new section on FoodsNG. We have noticed that many of our readers like to see well dished foods – even if they are in pictures. Someone sent us an email that they would like to see more of these well dished photos even though they feel like eating their phones whenever they open such photos.

Who Dished It Best? Drop Your Comments!

Today, we are starting with Ofada Rice Dishes. Just drop a comment to tell us the dish you think was best presented out of the the three displayed below:

1. Ofada Rice with Stew and Plantain by @Chikadbia on Instagram

ofada rice photo by chikadbia

2. Ofada Rice with Stew, Ponmo and fried Plantain by @Goldieluxcatering on Instagram

ofada rice by goldieluxcatering

3. Ofada Rice with Stew and Boiled Egg by @lolos134 on Instagram

ofada rice lolos134

What’s your own choice? Who makes you want to eat Ofada Rice right now? Who dished it best?


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  1. First position goes to first pics. Neat and organised presentation. And the dish looks more appetizing. Second position goes to third pics and third position goes to second pics

  2. No 1 wants m to eat ofada right now she served t well as ready to eat.the rest didn’t put spoon or fork.but dere food are nice 1,3,2.

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