How Do You Like Your Yam and Fried Egg? (Photos)

Yam and egg is a combination of foods many of us in this part of the world really love. Growing up, some of us only eat foods like Yam and Egg, Jollof Rice and the likes on special occasions. Yes, that’s the way it was then. But, let’s face the reason for this post? How do you like your yam and egg served?

How Do You Like Yam & Egg Dished?

Do you like your yam more than the egg or the egg more than the yam or the two in equal quantities? Do you like your eggs spread over the yam, side by side in same plate or served in different plates? Which of the following dished yam an eggs would you prefer?

1. Yam and Egg by @sizzlingflavors on Instagram

yam and egg sizzlingflavors

2. Yam and Fried Egg by @9jafoodie on Instagram

yam and fried egg 9jafoodie

3. Picture of Yam and Fired Egg by @gloriousfingers

yam and fried eggs gloriousfingers

So, which do you like? 

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  1. The one by @9jafoodie is most appealing, beautiful presentation, made my mouth water. And the worst ‘eye-sore’ presentation award goes to…@sizzlingflavors! Yay!!! (Joking º°˚.SoRRy º°˚!)

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