3 Tricks That I Use To Cut/Dice Onion Without Crying

I like eating onion in foods a lot but I just always had difficulty in enduring those eye stings and keeping the tears from rolling. It’s really really hard. I have know about this delicious and nutritional onionegg recipe for quite a while now but it was always a struggle to cut all the onions needed. This stopped being so when I discovered these three tricks that help me cut and dice onions without tears. I am going to share them with you in this short article.

Suggestions On Cutting Onions Without Crying

I have read a lot of recommendations on various articles on the internet – some were as dumb and whatever you could think to be the dumbest but I did them anyway with no success. I was the one looking for something. I even read articles where several people claimed the recommendations worked for them while some said it worked but only felt slight stings.

onion dicing

At a point, I started feeling different things might work for different people and with different varieties of onion, so I kept reading and experimenting.

Some of the tips I know you must have come across before include “cut the onion while holding your tongue to the roof of your mouth”, “light candles before cutting the onion”, “chew gum while cutting the onion” and many more like that. The second one appears dumb right? I feel so too.

How I Cut Onions Without Crying/Feeling Sting In My Eye

I did not get lucky with any of those recommendations but I kept trying until I stumbled upon these three that I now use till today. You can give them a try too and see if they work for you.

1. Freeze or Refrigerate The Onion

I noticed that whenever I pick onion out of the freezer and cut, I never felt the stinging sensation that happens in the eye and there were no tears. I though this just happened by accident, then I did an experiment on it. I took the same type of onion, put one in the freezer and cut the other immediately.

I cried when I cut the onion like that but when I brought the other one out of the freezer and cut, it was painless and tear-free.

onions in refrigerator

When you want to do this, do not allow the onion to be too frozen to make it hard. This will make it hard to cut and even destroy the tissues.

Another interesting tip on page 3 (click below) …

2. Keeping The Onion In Water

I noticed this one when I used the vegetable grater for a period of time. During this time, I grate pepper, tomatoes and onions to make my rice stew; and to garnish when cooking spinach. When I want to do this, I get a bowl and put all the pepper, tomatoes and onions in the water and put one by one in the vegetable grater. I would take the onion last because I was scared of what would happen to my eye.

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The I would notice that nothing happened or I simply just felt little pain in the eye towards the end of grating.

onions under water

Later, I started putting the onions in the water like 30 minutes before I grate and it has been working for me ever since.

3. I Cut It Under Water

I actually read about this one online and I gave it a trial, it worked. If I don’t really have the 30 minutes luxury to soak the onion in water, I simply adopt this method. What I do is to get a big bowl of water, get my knife and onion, dip both my hand in the bowl full of water and cut the onions therein.

Some have argued that useful components of the onions are leached into the water. I think that there are prices to pay when you do stuffs like this. If you want to get all the nutrients and other components of your onion, then be prepared to cry for it.

Finally, some women have told me that they have noticed that tears do not come out and their eyes don’t burn when they wear contacts and cut onions. I have heard this from more than six women. I have not tried this but I think it is worth giving a shot.

Tips and tricks recommended by FoodsNG readers…


Chewing gum while peeling onions also stop someone from crying


First cut out a small onions and put in ur mouth before cutting d rest. Close ur mouth while cutting others. It works like magic

Teresita Cunanan:

Wipe the chopping board with vinegar before you slice the onions


Rub salt round the onions and cut it. No drop of tear will come out. It helps

Please, if you have any other trick that you use with success, please let us know by dropping us a line in the comment section. You can also check what others have written there too. Thank you!

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  1. You can cut under water, you can keep the nutrients in 3 simple steps;

    1. Wash your hands, knife, and onion very clean

    2. Cut your onion under a clean bowl of water

    3. Sieve out the cut cut onion, and use the water in the bowl to cook.

  2. First cut out a small onions and put in ur mouth before cutting d rest. Close ur mouth while cutting others. It works like magic

  3. soaking onion in water moments before cutting works well.BT I would opt for one to use a chopping board and your problem is solved.

  4. I have known d water trick for a while now and I attest it works wonders. Thx for sharing. Love ur blog too

  5. -using of a very sharp knife in cutting the union prevent you from crying.

    -using the electric fan, face it directly to the chopping board and let the air blow away opposite from you.

  6. Try to cut the onion with sharp knife it prevents the water inzime of the onion to burst that makes your eyes teary.

  7. Just don’t breathe through your nose :) the enzymes that comes from onions travel thru air and when you breath it, your eyes get irritated. Try holding your breath for a couple of seconds while cutting onions, and when you do breathe make sure your far from the scent of it. ? try breathing through your mouth, for me it works!

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