5 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances And Utensils

modern kitchen

I called this kitchen utensils and appliances must-have because I believe your kitchen is not complete and modern without them. There are several unit operations we perform in the kitchen that waste our time in the kitchen and also make the cooking process tedious and monotonous. This is the reason many people often run away from cooking.

Imagine that you feel like eating fresh fries or potato chips with tomato ketchup after a hard day’s work. The thought of having to peel and slice tomatoes into fingers alone can put you off and settle for garri and groundnut. This does not have to be so, having a kitchen “tool” like this Potato Chipper (pictured below) can make life easier.

potato chipper

It gives you the chips from a potato root all at once. You don’t have to use your knife to start slicing. This will take a lot of your time. You will see utensils and appliances like this in this article.

modern kitchen

Kitchen Appliances And Utensils You Must Have

Here are all the appliances and utensils I believe every kitchen should have. If your kitchen is missing one, you should find a way to get it.

1. Cutting/Dicing Board

In one of our articles in the past, we gave reasons why we feel you should stop slicing your vegetables in the market. Apart from the fact that it is unhygienic, you lose some of the nutrients before you get home. Getting your own cutting board is the best practice.

I did a search on JUMIA and KONGA looking for cutting boards that I can recommend but The prices I saw was surprising. I saw boards costing N4,500 upwards. I kept searching and eventually got a relatively very cheap wooden one. You can check it out right here. Plastic ones are cheaper.

2. Rice Cooker

Rice cooker is a must-have for every modern kitchen. With a rice cooker, you can cook rice in minutes lesser than that you would normally spend using a stove and pot. I don’t know if my next point is applicable to all rice cookers but I know of a Phillips Rice Cooker that switches automatically to a “keep warm” mode to keep your rice warm for another 12 hours. isn’t that cool?

The Phillips Rice Cooker I mentioned above can be found here. You can check it out there. It is more expensive than brands such as Binatone and AKAI Rice Cooker. You can click on their respective links to check them out. Check their volume to know the quantity of rice they will contain before buying them. Don’t just look at price alone.

3. Digital Air Fryer

I spoke to some people about this recently and I was surprised many had not heard about the Air Fryer until that point. What does this kitchen appliance do? Simple! It uses 80% less oil compared to normal  and deep-fat frying, thereby producing a healthier fried food.

If you have read our article on dangers of Trans Fats and foods you would find trans fats in, we mentioned deep-fat fried foods. Apart from the fact that you use way less oil every time you need to fry, it also provides you with healthy fried foods.

You can check out some of the popular brands of Air Food Fryers below;


4. Food Processors

One cannot overemphasize the importance the importance of Food Processors in a modern kitchen. I followed the instructions in an article on how to use blender to make Poudo yam at home and got a nice Poudo yam. I got an even better Poudo yam when a Food Processor was used.

You can use food processors for several foods and to prepare several ingredients in your kitchen. For example, if you want to make Kuli-kuli, you need a processor to make the groundnuts into paste. Food processors are also used to grind meat, make flour from whole grains and many more.

You can get some of the cheapest food processors by clicking here.

5. Microwave Oven

Someone argued with me that he could always reheat or warm his foods the old way of using a pot and a stove and enjoy it. he even said the like the flavor that comes with it because the bottom of the food gets burnt. Well, making food burn has health implications.

After he said this, I asked him asked him a question he was never able to answer. What if one needs to make his bread hot or warm to make margarine or butter melt on it? Do you use your conventional pot and stove?

What if you bought a food in a pack and it gets cold before you got home? Some of us don’t like food turned inside a pot and mix everything together while heating it. A microwave lets you heat your food in the microwavable plastic container.

You can get some good deals on microwave ovens here. You can get really cheap ones. I bought my microwave oven last year on Black Friday on Jumia. Konga.com also has launched their page for the 2015 Black Friday Yakata Sales. You can get up to 90% discount on various products (not just kitchen appliances) on that day.

Make your kitchen modern and make life easier for yourself by getting some of these appliances and utensils if you don’t have them in your kitchen.

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