How You Can Make Poundo Yam With Blender At Home

Poundo yam & egusi soup

The hassles and difficulty involved in making pounded yam through the conventional way of using mortal and pestle has led many people to delete the meal from their family’s menu. In recent times, the proliferation of an alternative — poundo yam; a powder/ flour type that produces a similar result appears to be the way out.

However, many people especially those familiar with the original taste of pounded yam were not satisfied with the taste and the stretchy form of the poundo yam dough. This could be as a result of added preservatives and other additives that have impeded on the quality, appearance and other organoleptic properties of poundo yam.

Poundo yam & egusi soup

How To Process Poundo Yam With Blender

While this dislike for the powdered alternative appears to be growing geometrically in number, it will surprise some of you to know that making pounded yam can actually be done with a good food processor popularly called powerful blender. The good thing about this is that you know exactly what goes into the making of your pounded yam. Hey! let’s see how this is done.

Ingredients for Poundo Yam

  • SALT (Optional)

Method for Preparing Your Own Poundo Yam

  • Cut the tuber of yam into pieces and peel the skin.
  • Cut the yam pieces into smaller pieces and wash under running water thoroughly.
  • Pour into a cooking pot and add enough salt to taste if you do not mind and water to cover up the yam. Do not forget to cover the pot.
  • Check the yam for tenderness. Normally the yam should be quite tender between 20-30 minutes. If not keep on cooker until tender.
  • When tender, drain the water and pour the yam into a clean plate.
  • Using a knife or a folk, mash the cooked yam pieces so that the blades of the blender can easily run through them.
  • Pour the mashed yam into a food processor or blender.
  • Run the blender for few seconds (6-10s) and stop. Do this twice or thrice before running the the blender until the yam turn dough like and stretchy. Do that to the remaining cooked tender yam pieces.
  • Scoop out the stretchy yam dough and do not forget to dress it up in the plate to form a nice looking pounded using a big plastic spoon or what is called Igbako by the Yorubas….Yea….Your pounded yam is ready
  • Serve with a delicious Egusi Soup, Vegetable soup or just any other soup of your liking.

Absolutely, you can eat pounded yam without going through much difficulty. Try this out with a good blender or food processor and get back to us as regards the result.


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    1. Hello all, I got the idea that the conventional way of making pounded yam is not to add salt but growing up, my self and my mum had always added salt for our preferred taste. It does not affect the end product. While this is completely optional… is definitely not out of place if you add a pinch of salt. Some people even add some sugars to the water to sweeten it. While I do not subscribe to this for health reasons, the reality is that for recipe purpose, it can be prepared adding salt or sugar. Thank you for the observation.

  1. I am an ardent pounded yam eater. And can pound very well too. I observed you added salt to the yam…It is not necessary. The pounded yam is sweet on its own…needs no salt. Thanks

  2. Hello all… I’m hia to correct or make d Aunty dt said salt dosnt affect pounded yam… I’m from Ekiti n my parents re from Ekiti too so ds is our major food at home,I can pound well n can tell u d amount of water to add to each yam u buy in d market to get a good result… Try putting salt in ur pounded yam n keep it in a warmer for hours waiting for ur visitor ull end up seeing water or pounded yam looking funny.. Salt in pounded is a capital NO.. It does nt need any salt at all.. Putting salt is just to have d taste of poundo which is u re nt trying to make pounded yam u re making poundo yam on ur own… Pound ur yam without salt n u can tell d diff..

    1. @Fola, I agree with you. That is why it is clearly optional. The very native way of making pounded yam is without salt. I have eaten pounded yam at ikere ekiti and it taste really nice. The option is completely yours for this blender or processor method. Thank you for sharing your opinion.

  3. Hi All, How is the Possible to Blend Yam into ‘Poundy’ with Blender, because Yam tend to becomes stiffer the more its turning smoother. Wont that lock the Blender Blade?

    Are you talking about a special Yam blender here of the normal blender, pls i need more calrification

    1. Yes, It is very possible to get the result. You must used a good blender or food processor with strong blades. Do not add water. I even make peanut butter with blender and it turns out well. If you have an original kenwood or philips blender or processor, it will turn out well

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