6 Food Ingredients That Will Never Get Spoilt

I am one of those people that always say “Never Say Never”. So, let me do a little adjustment to the title of that post right here. Let’s just call it a list of foods that almost never get spoilt. Many of them will last forever if you leave for that long. The list contains some obvious ones to some that you will find unbelievable.

6 Food Ingredients That Almost Never Get Spoilt

Okay now, let us get to business and share some of these with you. Of course, the list is not exhaustive, so you can share anyone you know with us using the comment box below.


1. White Rice

We cook white rice as it is and eat with several sauces and stews. We also cook food such as Jollof Rice, Fried Rice and many more, using white rice as the major ingredient. It might interest you to know that this white rice might never ever get spoilt.

If you keep white rice in an in a sealed container kept in a cool, dry place, it will not get spoilt. This is unlike brown rice that can go rancid because of the fat content.

2. Vinegar

When the idea of Vinegar came to my mind, I did some search about it and I saw an article that wrote about Vinegar. Somewhere on the page, the author wrote — Vinegar Expiry Date: Never.

Well, this is true because it has been reported that white distilled vinegar won’t taste any different on the first day of production or 7-10 years from now. Other kinds of Vinegar last a long long time too but often lose some of their taste after a few years.

3. Wine & Alcohol

Yeah, that sounds a bit more like repetition because wine contains alcohol. I did this just to separate them because the foods people add the wine and pure alcohol to are different. There are several soups people add wine to just to improve the taste.

Most strong alcohol like vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, tequila will remain drinkable forever, even after they have been opened. I found a bottle of Vodka that has been in my apartment for over 5 years when packing out of the apartment. Those that tasted it said it tasted just like new.

4. Pure Vanilla Extract

This is a very common baking ingredient. Pure vanilla is a baking ingredient that does not get spoilt. The secret to the longevity of pure Vanilla extract is that it contains a considerable amount of alcohol. And did I mention why alcohol is used as preservatives for foods? No!

Alcohol makes any environment inhabitable for most spoilage microorganisms and many microorganisms in general. Often, it kills them. It’s the reason the nurse wipes the area they want to inject before injecting you — to get rid of microbes around.

5. Honey

Yes, the same honey that you are thinking about. So honey doesn’t get spoilt? Experts say even thousands-of-years-old honey found in ancient Egyptian ruins is still edible.

If honey is left somewhere untouched, after a while, it dries out and crystallizes. When you need to eat this honey or use it as an ingredient in a food, all you have to do is reheat to restore its viscous liquid consistency.

Finally, let us share this note of caution. This post is just for your information and does not recommend that you consume a product after years of keeping it. You might think you have a similar pure product but the manufacturers might have added some other ingredients. 

For example, your honey might be fake or adulterated. See how to detect fake and adulterated honey here.

So, the best thing to do is to check the expire date printed on the label by the manufacturer. They probably already added something and also considered that you might not store those food ingredients properly. These factors and more con contribute to food spoilage.

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