Behold! The Super Pizza That Burns Body Fat

How would you feel to eat as much Pizza as you want and not be scared of getting fat? Well, this seems a reality now as has come out with a Pizza recipe that does not only help burn fat, but also contains as much protein as three chicken breasts and 5 times less carbs than a standard slice. Should we call this a “SUPER PIZZA”?

This new development in Pizza processing has been making the rounds for some weeks now and I had to wait to see a lot of information about it before deciding to share with you. The manufacturers of this Pizza claim that you can now get slim by eating this pizza. I am waiting for more testimonies from people as much as you are. However, looking at the ingredients and composition of this pie, I would say their claims make sense.

pizza burning fats

This chicken and peppers pizza has 73 calories and 2.4g of fat per slice

One of the that have eaten this Pizza said:

I was a bit sceptical at first as I was expecting a dry and crumbly base but I was pleasantly surprised.

You can’t actually taste the difference from a regular pizza even though there’s protein in the base.

Composition of the Pizza

The online retailer, claims that the high protein pizza contains just 82 calories per slice. This is way below the calories of more than 300 in some fast food alternatives.

They also claim that it contains the same amount of protein as three chicken breasts and five times less carbohydrates making it perfect for people on a weight loss plan or those body building.

Darren Beale from has the following to say:

High protein isn’t just for bodybuilders and fitness fanatics, it’s for those wanting to lose weight – increased protein keeps you feeling fuller for longer – and for those wanting to lead a much healthier lifestyle.

He continues;

We’re expecting these pizzas to be popular. Products like our high protein cookies and bread have flown off the shelves as soon as they’ve gone on sale and we’re expecting these to be the same.

The gluten and soy-free pizza comes in two different toppings, Chicken and Pepper, and Ham and Mushroom, with the pea protein base adding approximately 10g of protein to the pizza.

Here is a video from MuscleFood that teaches you how to make such low carb meat pizza. Click here to watch it now!


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