Efo Riro Soup Photos: Which Is The Most Inviting?

Efo riro is vegetable soup made fromCelosia argentea var. argentea or Lagos spinach (Efo Soko) and Amaranthus hybridus (Efo Tete). Some even make it from the fluted pumpkin leaf, botanically known as Telfaira occidentalis. 

Efo-riro, which is the most-inviting?

In this post, there are three pictures of efo riro soups. What you need to do is tell us which one you see as the most-inviting. That one which makes you want to eat efo-riro now.

1. Efo riro picture by @topnotchconfectioneries on Instagram

efo riro topnotchconfectionery

2. Efo riro (vegetable soup) picture by @phummydeps on IGefo riro phummydeps

3. Efo riro picture by @angelcatering on Instagram

efo riro angelcatering

So, which one?


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