Foods That Cause Underarm (Armpit) Sweating

There are foods that cause or aggravate underarm or armpit sweating. I grew up not having any issues like this and I was even so used to warm environments. While my siblings and every other person would complain of heat and sweat profusely, I would be comfortable with any sweats. This, however, changed about a year ago and it was very strange.

This was strange — not because I started sweating — but because I started producing only underarm sweats. Even while drive or work in the office with the air conditioners on, I still sweat in the armpit and sometimes, the whole underarm part.

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This was not only troubling for me but also embarrassing. Sometimes, I already had the sweat marks on my shirt even before getting to the office. It made me very uncomfortable and to avoid some situations like giving presentations where it required raising my arms.

Finding Solutions To Underarm Sweating

Immediately this I noticed this issue, I went to the supermarket to buy an antiperspirant. I would not like to start mentioning brand names but I moved from one antiperspirant to the other with no results. At a point, I stopped and started using dusting powder — there was still no result.

I thought for it long and I thought food might contribute to underarm sweating. I needed facts, so I went online to do some searching. I saw a lot of information on foods that cause sweating in the armpit and listed them. I experimented with these foods by systematically substituting them from my diet and I finally came up with a list.

The list contains the foods that cause underarm sweating for me when I eat them consistently.

Caffeine In Coffee and Tea:

This is the number one food for me. I figured that I started taking coffee a lot around that time because I needed to work extra to meet some targets I set for myself.

I would drink coffee in the morning, afternoon and night, preparing it with cold, warm and hot water at will. At times I even chewed the 3-in-1 sachet coffees raw from the sachets.

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After reducing coffee in my diet, the underarm sweating reduced. It only came when I worked myself a little extra. This was unlike before that it came even while inside the air-conditioned area.

I did research on this and found that Coffee has been reported to cause sweating in general. The caffeine in coffee, tea, some sodas, and chocolate powerfully activates the sympathetic nervous system to cause sweating.

Chili Pepper:

A large population of Nigeria likes to eat pepper like this. Many even find foods that do not contain pepper like this as nauseating and tend to avoid them. Some even have a saying that only weak minds don’t eat pepper like this.

I read that Chili Pepper contributes to underarm sweating and I reduced it a lot in foods I cooked myself. I saw some change in the sweating too while I increased coffee and reduced Chili. At that point, it became a habit to read the labels of foods and sometimes ask attendants in eateries and restaurants of they use chill pepper.

Chilli Pepper

Chili peppers may overstimulate your sweat glands, so, reduce how much of it you take.

How Alcohol Causes Sweating In The Underarm

Alcoholic drinks cause sweating all over the body, but for some, it is more in the armpit. The liver does the breakdown of any alcohol in the drinks we take. However, the liver can only break down a limited amount of alcohol in an hour – approximately one 12-ounce serving of beer or about 5 ounces of wine.

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Many people don’t know this and drink any volume they feel like. When one consumes alcohol at a faster rate than that stated above, accumulation of the substance takes place in the blood. This leads to side effects, one of which is sweating.

Other foods that have been reported to cause sweating include hot soups, bell peppers, garlic, and onion. You need to observe what you eat and see what foods cause it for you.

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