Foods That Give You Fresh, Younger-Looking Skin

2. Yoghurt from animal milk

In the articles where I talked about foods that addressed checking of potential dangers written on food packages before eating them, I mentioned that yoghurt is a good form of milk for those who have lactose intolerance. This is because they can still take advantage of the health benefits of Milk, while still avoiding lactose. In Yoghurt, the lactose has been converted to lactic acid.

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Back to the skin-yoghurt relationship. Yoghurt, especially a low-fat one, is a great food source for vitamin A. Vitamin A, as we know is a vital nutrient for maintaining vibrant skin. Vitamin A helps the body produce collagen, an important protein that is partly responsible for the firmness of the skin. It also helps prevent the deterioration or loss of collagen.


Some skin experts have also said that yogurt can be applied to the face two or three times a week for a soft and supple skin. There are claims that it helps with sunburn relief, fighting of acne, reduce discolouration and fight ageing.


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