How To Cook Beans So You Don’t Fart After Eating

Let me first of all make something clear before I start discussing about the topic of this post. We all call the common bean (Vigna unguiculata) that we eat beans, beans – but beans is a is a common name for large plant seeds of several genera of the family Fabaceae (alternately Leguminosae) which are used for human or animal food. The common one that we eat is called Cowpea. It has a number of common name such as crowder pea, blackeyed pea, southern pea.

Beans generally are rich in protein, while many of them are high in fiber and antioxidants. Beans are good for reduction of our waistline as well aid in disease prevention. Despite all these benefits, which many people are aware of, a lot people want to stay clear of Cowpea because they start farting or passing out gases after eating it. This does not have to be so because there are ways that you can cook your beans, such that you won’t have to be clearing the room hours after.

cooked beans
COMING SOON: Many Benefits of Beans That Make Them Superfoods

Before I talk about the methods that you can use to cook beans to prevent farting after, let me explain in clear and concise terms what causes this flatulence. Beans contain a class of carbohydrates called Oligosaccharides (e.g. raffinose and stachyose), some of which cannot be processed by our digestive system.

When we eat beans and they get to our intestine, the Oligosaccharides remain there as we do not have the enzymes or any other thing whatsoever to digest the. After the Oligosaccharides pass into our large intestine, the bacteria present there start to break them down. During the process, the bacteria release several different types of gases, mainly hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. About 33% of these bacteria also end up producing methane and this is the one that smells.

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    1. I think your question is related to what Chuks said in the comments;

      He said:

      The last ethos works though I hear we wash the nutrients out,it also help to prevent it from hanging at my chest

      I will treat this as a topic on its own soon.

    1. Yeah, some will definitely go with the water but often we get things at a price. Just ensure that you don’t cook it for too long before you change the water.

  1. Yeah,changing the water from beans have always been my own way of cooking helps reduce the rate @ which one fart.

  2. The last ethos works though I hear we wash the nutrients out,it also help to prevent it from hanging at my chest

  3. Hi,I cooked beans and did change the water b4 adding the ingredients but to my surprise I didn’t only fart bt ended up in the emergency unit cos of purging.Wonder wat went wrong.officially am lactose intolerant.

    1. That should have nothing to do with lactose – the sugar in milk. If this does not happen when you don’t change the water, then it could not be as a result of changing the water. There could be other cause such as the water source and other ingredients. Cross contamination from another source definitely happened, exposing your beans to microorganisms. What you explained just appear like food poisoning.


  5. I guess you try this method,if you want to eat the beans in the morning, you parboil it at night and change the water after it must have boiled for few minutes and allow it to cook till tender, leave it and complete the cooking process in the morning. try it and give me feedback.

    1. Someone has recommended this to me before but my fear is this, “will that not affect the taste of the beans significantly?”

  6. ginger is also so helpful, just add ginger in your beans as a part of spices and it will solve gas and farting problem after eating.

  7. Someone sed 2 reduce running stomach afta eating bean dat one shuld add little (kanwu) dat is used 2 kuk ewedu 2 d beans, pls hw true is dat

    1. Okay, you mean the Potash that is added to Ewedu? Thanks for that contribution, I have not tried that before and who knows, it could be true.

  8. The best way for U to prevent all the beans drama like heartburn,purging is for U to cook ur beans with garlic and ginger,u will enjoy doing so.

  9. I don’t think potash is advisable cus I was tot then in secondary school to avoid it to d minimum level cos it do reduce nutrient content….. people do make use of it purposely to make beans or other food soft earlier dan hours or minutes expectd to be done but thnk God we v better beans to be done earlier than those days…….

  10. I think i should go wit garlic and ginger, but sum pple say: dey cant stand d cent. Bt am telling u, dey are very powerful just try and see. It works.

  11. Your last method was what I used to stop having chest burn while eating beans. Didn’t know it helps farting too. No wonder with d amount of beans I eat I hardly fart lol

  12. I always use the 4th method which works for me very well and I think its the best method to be used by everyone.

  13. Pls, u need to warn ur readers on d dangers of aspergilus spp. In immuno-compromised individuals aspergilus can cause aspergilosis, a diseaase with manifestations in different parts of d body and could have devastating effects.
    Immuno-compromised individuals include people with HIV, Diabetes, chronic use of immune modulators like steroids, post-transplant patients or chronically ill individuals.

  14. I usually purge right after eating beans back in my undergraduate days until someone in Nutrition& Dietitics prescribed d 1st & last methods & it’s being helpful..

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