How To Make Garden Egg Sauce (Recipe)

garden egg sauce

Hello friends, it is time to learn how to make my favourite stews. People around me ask-why I love this so much. I answer; because it is healthier than most of others stews we consume daily.  Do not forget to read from the previous article I posted on how garden eggs can improve your health.

If you have not eaten garden eggs sauce before, this is a one time opportunity to give it a shot and you will be thankful you did. Lets go straight to the steps involved in making garden egg sauce delicious.

garden egg sauce

Ingredients for making Garden Egg Sauce

  • 10 average size of garden eggs ( I prefer the white ones)
  • 5-6 pieces average size of pepper, 2-3 pieces average size of tomatoes and one large size of onions.
  • Iru ( Completely optional), Cube seasonings and Salt
  • Palm oil (3 cooking spoons). You could add more if need be
  • 2-3 Boiled Titus fish or smoked fish (I prefer the roasted one)
  • Some amount of water

Method Of Preparation

  • Purchase about 10 fresh average size green or white type of garden eggs. Wash then clean in a running water.
  • Cut and dice into tiny pieces and pour into a powerful blender.
  • Add enough water to make the blades of the blender oscillate.
  • Blend until it has a very smooth thick consistency.

Pour the pasty garden egg into a clean cooking pot and cook for 2-3 minutes until it further thickens under low heat. Ensure you continuously stir to avoid burnt garden egg puree. Keep this aside.

  • Dice a big size onions into smaller pieces and set aside.
  • Use a hand blender to blend two to three average size tomato and plenty pepper (rhodo) and set aside. If you do not like pepper you could reduce the ratio to your preference. You could pound this to form a paste if you can.
  • Using your clean hands, cut your roasted fish into smaller pieces and set aside.
  • How To Make The Gargen Egg Sauce
  • Pour about three cooking spoons of palm oil into a clean non sticky big frying pot or pan placed on a cooker. Ensure low heat.
  • When the oil is hot, had you diced onions. I seriously love onions, so I used a very big size. Stir for about 15- 20seconds.
  • Add your prepared garden egg paste and allow to cook by covering the pot under low heat for about 10minutes. Do not forget to stir during this period. This should be done when the little water in the garden egg puree disappears. You must stir once in a while to avoid burnt sauce.
  • Add your grated or pounded pepper, Iru pete (Mashed locust beans but optional based on your preference) and cube seasoning and salt to taste. Allow to cook for some minutes. You could add a little water to give room for the further cooking but ensure you sauce ends up in a thick consistency usually with no water.
  • Add the boiled Titus or roasted fish and stir. Do this not more than 90 seconds.
  • Your garden egg sauce is ready to be served with boiled or fried yam, boiled or fried plantain and boiled rice

If you do have time to try out this recipe, do not forget to share your experience here. In fact you could be adventurous with the ingredients to make the sauce.

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  1. I also like garden egg stew but i prepare it slightly differently, I boil the garden egg with the yam take it out then mash it. The other processes are more like you mentioned

  2. I love garden egg source it’s actually my breakfast this morning with unripe plantain. I slice n boil b4 meshing, either use mortar to pound it a bit or chop it on chopping board. It’s preferable when it’s not smooth in consistency, u can try it out it’s very nice

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