List Of Foods That Help Prevent And Relieve Constipation

Earlier, I talked about the types of food that can cause constipation when coupled with some other unhealthy behaviors. If you have not read that post, it is still available via the link provided above. While writing that post, I anticipated that many would want to know how to quickly get through the episode of constipation in case they ever find themselves in one, so I added a text at the end of the article telling you I would write about it soon. Here it comes.

When we have constipation, there are foods that we can eat to help relieve the indigestion and there are foods we should totally avoid during that period. We are talking about the food to include in your diet to help you through constipation. Also, if you add these foods to your diet, you won’t even be worrying about reading this ever again because constipation would stay away from you.

Common Foods That Will Help You Relieve Constipation

If you are going through and episode of constipation, you would want to just leave it as an episode; you wouldn’t want it to become a series — episode after episode. When you have constipation, the best thing you can do is to drink water, exercise well and eat the listed foods as much as recommended. What you would basically be doing when you add these foods to your diet is increasing your fiber intake. The average adult needs between 25 and 38 grams of fiber a day to avoid constipation – this value is far less than most of us typically eat everyday.

1. Vegetables helps you with constipation

This is definitely top on my list. Vegetables are known to be very rich in fiber and that is why we have continued to talk about it more and more in articles here. We know the importance of vegetables (both cooked and eaten raw); this is why we have written an article to guide you on how to maximize the nutrients in them and another to guide you on how to cook vegetables such as spinach such that they do not lose all their nutritional values.

vegetables all

If you have constipation and are going to add fiber to your diet, you may want to do it gradually so that you don’t develop abdominal bloating and cramping. You don’t want to suddenly go from eating 10 grams of fiber to 25 in a day, increase the intake little by little.

Examples include Brussels sprouts, carrots, spinach and asparagus.

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