Things To Consider Before Taking Fruits Smoothie As Breakfast

Just before you Take fruit smoothie as Breakfast, Read this: Fruit smoothies are definitely a good and nutritious option for improved growth and immunity for all ages. In fact, most nutritionists would not hesitate to include certain smoothies into the diets of their patients especially breakfast meals as these smoothies can be easily made and consumed. Having said that, although smoothies are good but consuming smoothie as breakfast can cause some serious stomach upset in certain individuals and it is important that you consider this before funneling some fruit smoothies into your system.

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A colleague of mine, in her quest to flatten her tummy started consuming fruit smoothie as breakfast. In her first day, it all went fine but after some days, she started noticing and feeling serious tummy discomfort. Unknown to her, she continued until she finally discovered that it could be as a result of the fruit smoothie she had started consuming as breakfast. In many young women, fructose mal-absorption is  a common occurrence.

When you are thinking of consuming fruit smoothie as breakfast, you should also consider the acid content of some of the fruit combination involved in the smoothie. Consuming such meal as breakfast, on a empty stomach could be a good step in the wrong direction particularly for ulcer patients. It is much more ideal to combine fruit smoothie with other food groups as breakfast rather that consume them as the main meal especially if you are prone to stomach discomfort. One fruit smoothie that I have found to be friendly with the stomach is that made from mature bananas. Smoothies containing papaya as a major constituent has been discovered to cause upset in certain people particularly if consumed as breakfast on an empty tummy

Another reason you might want to reconsider the fruit choices  for your breakfast is that some fruits are harder to digest than others and may cause  gas and bloating. Examples include cabbage, apples, blackberries, mango and papaya.

Smoothies are a good way to get healthy doses of fibre however it is critical to consider your body chemistry and tolerance before choosing to consume any smoothie particularly during breakfast.

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Oladipupo Abioye
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