Top Five Reasons To Consume Watermelon More

In the past few months, the city of Lagos and its neighbouring communities had been unprecedentedly bombarded with trucks of watermelon like never before. I presume many more people are beginning to go the healthy way especially considering the many illnesses and diseases that stare us in the face daily.


In recent times, I have not been an avid consumer of watermelon due to my love for golden melon but the truth about this thirst-quenching fruits has to be told. Watermelon has so many nutritional and health benefits but these five under-listed are the five topmost reasons to consume watermelon fruits.


Although, scientists are still digging deep to make a conclusion on this claim but many of the previous tests and researches conducted indicated that the fruit which is amongst the best sources of antioxidant lycophene has the ability to fight cancer cells. This powerful lycophene has been linked to reduce the risk of prostate, breast, lung, uterus and colon cancer.


Weight loss difficulty is faced by many overweights and obese. A good plan to include watermelon which usually contains more than 90% of water into your daily diet might be helpful. It will fill you up quickly while supplying very low amount of calorie.

Also, with the high amount of water and electrolytes; the occurrence of headaches, dryness and other conditions which result due to dehydration would become a thing of the past


Watermelon is loaded with vitamin C; an effective immune booster. Vitamin C strengthens your immune system and protects your body against free radicals and oxidative stress. It has also been quite effective in making wounds and injuries heal faster.

A good daily consumption of watermelon will prevent your skin from conditions like acne and thereby making your skin glow bright.


Many diabetics crave for sugar but due to their condition, they cannot indulge in foods that will spike their sugar level. Watermelon, although sweet in taste, contains very low amount of sugar that is will not raise sugar level.

A plate of the diced fruit fills the belly while supplying small quantity of calorie which directly reduces the chances of high blood sugar.


Usually there is need for a balance between sodium and potassium levels in the body for a proper blood pressure. There are records of good amount of potassium and magnesium in this fruit that is very beneficial in terms of bringing down blood pressure.

If you do have people suffering from this condition, watermelon might just be helpful.

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    Aside this factor, ur blog is great. But may not visit after now. Thanks

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