5 Foods That Help Fight & Reduce Belly Fat

In one of my previous articles in which I talked about the relationship between beer and pot belly, I promised to write an article listing foods that can help to reduce belly fat. I am here to fulfil that promise now. There are many reasons why you accumulate fats in the belly and I am going to discuss some while mentioning others in the process too.

You are definitely not being kind to your body if you can’t go a day without downing a bottle of carbonated drink. All these sugars ultimately get converted into fat in your body and depending on your sex, age and rate of metabolic activities, the fats might end up being stored in your tummy.

Eating late at night is also a bad habit that contributes to belly fat. Our body naturally breaks down the food we eat but this rate reduces when we go straight to bed after eating. We do not expend the energy we have, so the body does not try to break down the food to supply more energy. The best practice is to eat not later than 6pm in the evening and make sure we do not go to bed immediately after. When we go to bed on a full stomach, it also increases our risk of developing acid reflux and indigestion, since gravity is no longer able to pull everything in our belly straight down.

Belly Fat
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If you deprive yourself of fats because you think it contributes to accumulation of fat in your body, you are wrong. There are very good and beneficial fats that help the body. The irony of it is that foods such as avocados, olive oil and seeds work well in eliminating belly fat for you.

Endeavour to get enough sleep everyday, adults should get about seven to nine hours of sleep each day. When we refuse to get enough sleep, the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in our body increases and causes the craving for sugary foods. We consume these sugary foods and add more calories to the body. Overeating, depriving our body of protein-rich foods and genetics also have their roles in how we process and store fat in the body.

Healthy eating and living in general will helps us reduce fats in our body but there are also foods that we can include in our diet to reduce belly fat. They help fight and reduce the fat in our tummy.

List of Five Foods That Help To Reduce Belly Fat

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