How To Know A Food That Has Been Irradiated

What are irradiated foods? Are irradiated foods safe? Is it safe to consume microwaved food? What foods are irradiated? How do I know if the food I purchased has been irradiated? These are all the questions that I will definitely answer, but not all in this post. This post is just to show you how to identify irradiated food, so, it is going to be very short and straight to the points. There are just two ways to know irradiated foods and I will share them below.

How Will I Know if My Food Has Been Irradiated?

Many people in different parts of the world have shown serious concerns when it comes to the issue of irradiated foods and genetically modified foods. Many of them agreed that irradiated foods are not safe and hence, should not be consumed. We all have the right to determine what to eat. Food manufacturers are also bound by law to reveal some special treatments foods are subjected to, so it is easy to know an irradiated food. You can then decide whether you want to eat it or not.

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Here are the two things to look out for;

1. International food laws and food laws in countries where irradiated foods are packaged, shipped to, and consume require that foods that have been exposed to ionizing radiations be labelled with the Radura symbol. So, you can look for the Radura symbol (shown below) on food packages.

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2. The food must also, in addition to the Radura symbol, come along with the statement “Treated with radiation” or “Treated by irradiation” on the food label. With this, identifying irradiated food has been made very easy by binding food laws. These laws are also very strict.

For example, bulk foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are required to be individually labelled or to have a label next to the sale container.

In my upcoming posts, I am going to address the questions I asked us at the beginning of the article. What are irradiated foods and are they safe for consumption? Many of us consume microwaved food everyday and we would like to know if this is safe. I will definitely answer that too.

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