The Unknown Dangers of Fried Foods & Re-using Oil

Hello friends, it is really my delight to write on this topic as I have had loads of families, friends and clients call me to find out what the real truth is about fried foods. There had been contradicting views from different professionals in the field of nutrition and body health on the benefits and dangers of consuming fried meals. While an ample of information is readily available for you to digest on the internet, a few of them are people and region specific which might be completely wrong for you to apply.

Are there healthy fats, which ones are dangerous?

Fats in the past few years had been labelled as a complete terror which have cause many illnesses and diseases. While these claims are true in a sense, it is clear without doubt that healthy fats exist and should be included in your diets. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats found in fish, fish oils and some plant based foods need to be included in your diet at recommended daily intake. Usually at least 20 percent of your daily meals should include healthy fats.

frying chicken

For individuals who cannot give up on fried foods, it is important to make use of healthier oils. Unsaturated oils like canola, corn, peanut, soya bean oil should be used to fry your foods. These oils add fewer calories to the food than the regular hydrogenated oils which is commonly used especially in developing countries.


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Ahmed Ogundimu
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  1. Very good and timely post. I love potatoes and deep frying them for chips. Have some at the moment. Guess God was trying to tell me enough is enough ☺

    1. @Reke, yea, may be you should just cut down a bit on it. Boiled sweet potato and vegetable garnished with pepper taste great. You could also opt for what you would love to combine it with.

    1. @Nessa, fried potatoes I love but considering the fact that once you deep fat fry it, the calorie value of the food doubles, there is need for me keep check on it. Also, most of these road side potato chips were fried using very terrible oils in their quest to make profit. My advise, if you must consume them, do it once in a while or make yours at home.

  2. Thanks so much for this information. I’ve known the value of Omega 3 oils though not so much available for example on the local market.
    My anger is so much on these ladies,they don’t want to prepare healthy foods apart from fatty meals every time!!

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